Past Productions

It’s such a joy to facilitate the creation of someone’s art.  Whether it’s goofy gamer projects, intense dramatic or horror films, salivating reality pieces, or genre-bending firsts, producing films is one of my many beloved artistic outlets.  You can see a list of my select media credits here. Access my IMDB here. My reel is forthcoming.

Street Food Finds: Los Angeles – A digital pilot for the Food Network exploring street food and testing new hosts for their rosters in the Los Angeles area.

Malevolent – An animated horror feature film. Currently being prepared for sale.

Charlie Says – A biopic feature film about the three women charged with the Manson murders and the coming to terms with their actions.

Bite Me – A zombie comedy (zom-com) web-series turned television show distributed first on Machinima, the largest gaming multichannel network on YouTube at the time, garnering around 45 million views per episode. Then, it was released on the FEARnet cable channel as a half-hour miniseries.

Zero Sight: Bad Call – A gamer comedy short-film in the vein of Buffy created for Stage5TV, the video marketing arm for Red5, a game company who has since developed the MMORPG Firefall, among others.

H+ Digital Series – A falling under the Bryan Singer umbrella (producer of the X-Men films, House M.D. and Usual Suspects), H+ The Digital Series takes viewers on a journey into an apocalyptic future where technology has spiraled out of control.